Sticker promoting Broadcast 4


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  • Emma on 2011-Oct-05 07:27:26 Emma said

    I didn't know where to find this info then kaobom it was here.
  • Gerard on 2015-May-14 04:17:56 Gerard said

    I had one of these stickers! Still can't believe Hitz wasn't given a permanent license :( I still remember the final ever broadcast - I recorded just about the whole thing to cassette (lol). Well now i'm outside of the targeted audience - that being i'm over 30 - but I still love the music and the freshness that Hitz brought to the airwaves. I've also got the cd HitzOne... cool memories :)
  • Set on 2016-Oct-28 21:49:59 Set said

    This sticker was a fixture on my bed head throughout my youth. Miss the Hitz. Many a good time was had whilst tuning in.